Product Lines

Joy 50/120ml

A luxurious and unique glass inkwell containing the best perfume with the essential oil in the market

Bouquet 250/500ml

A one-of-a-kind diffuser, the sophisticated design of the Bouquet diffuser stands out for its hand-finished glass.

Bouquet Rose 200ml

The Bouquet Rose diffuser is a combination of form and elegance, the perfect gift from Valentine's Day to Mother's Day.

Refill 250/500ml

The Fivessence essences are also available in a convenient 250 or 500ml refill bottle, not only saving but also paying attention to the environment.

Scented Candels

The scented candles with our essential oils contain the maximum concentration of aromas, discover them in the various fragrances.


Fivesssence products are completely Made in Italy, from the box to the sticks, to provide the highest quality and durability.

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