I have always been convinced that taste and smell are two senses in the human being that enrich and color our life. I've always had a passion for what concerns them.
For the sense of taste, I can say that I am not a chef, but I certainly like good food and to eat well; smells and taste always go hand in hand.
The aroma is very important invisible, intangible, but it always accompanies our sensations without noticing it.
Hence the desire to create a product that can enhance our environments, our filling, make us dream and remember good moments.

"A bouquet of flowers lasts days, an Aroma Diffuser lasts weeks"

Beautiful things go hand in hand, so I created several types of bottles that furnishes and enhances the inside aroma

We are always looking for innovations; new flavors and new designs, to always give new sensations.
All our products come from a wonderful land rich in every fragrance: ITALY.

  • Intense aromas
  • Design
  • Fillings that last over time
  • 100% Made in ITALY

Creative Studio

In addition to the highest attention to all Made in Italy fragrances, we constantly work to study new designs, from the display to the essence bottles.

Even the packaging has an important part to attract the customer's attention and enhance the product value, so we carefully study the marketing communication. 

The creator

It is not enough to create a good product, what people think of us is extremely  important to give us the right air to our work tools.

Giovanni P.

Owner & Product Creator


I have been buying from Fivessence for years.
They are exceptional long-lasting products and deliveries are precise and accurate!
Susanna C.
Posted on Facebook
Sensorial, pleasant and intense fragrance, evocative oriental notes! A dip in the deepest emotions, a pleasure to enter in the room and inhale this aroma! Pretty design, highly recommended also for good value for money.
Monica B.
Posted onFacebook
The perfumes are very fine and original, I  definitely will buy them again.
Sabrina F.
Posted on Instagram
 SUPER product ++++
Stefano C.
Posted on Whatsapp  
Thanks Giovanni for your suggestions, I have placed the displays with  diffusers insight and it is the first thing the customer notices, they are easy to sell.
Estetica Dolce Benessere Varese
Dolce Benessere Giovanna C.
Posted on Whatsapp
Super perfumers, beautiful to look at and intensely perfume the whole environment !!!
Silvia Maria L.r
Posted on Facebook

Fivesssence products are completely Made in Italy, from the box to the sticks, to provide the highest quality and durability.

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