Fivessence Display Line

The colorful FIVESSENCE display stands full of scented diffusers are all exclusively Made in Italy and are designed to enrich the decor of the store. The colorfu l FIVESSENCE displays stands are available in sturdy cardboard or solid wood according to retailer needs
The display enhances the exhibition by attracting the customer's attention.
It is possible to have the diffusers displayed free of charge based on the order placed.

Light and colorful, it can be placed anywhere and furnishes like a bouquet of flowers.
FREE of charge ordering 40 mixed diffusers.

joy -  desktop DISPLAY

If you have a free corner this is an optimal solution, visible, light, it furnishes with color attracting the attention of anyone. FREE of charge ordering 70 mixed perfumers


In addition to the furniture, the strength, stability and warmth of wood. FREE ordering 90 mixed room diffusers


Sturdy and spacious wooden display cabinet for large shops, FREE ordering 300 mixed room fragrances


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Fivesssence products are completely Made in Italy, from the box to the sticks, to provide the highest quality and durability.

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